Climate Leadership Conference and Awards

优发国际官网C2ES cosponsors one of the nation’s premier events honoring and strengthening U.S. climate leadership.

The Climate Leadership Conference and Awards are an annual celebration of corporate, organizational, and individual leadership in response to climate change.

Climate Leadership Conference

优发国际官网The brings together influential climate, energy, and sustainability professionals to exchange new ideas and best practices for addressing climate change through policy, innovation, and business solutions.

The will be held March 4-6 in Detroit. !

The eighth annual conference was held in Baltimore, March 20-22, 2019. Learn more on the 2018 conference here.

The conference convenes around the prestigious Climate Leadership Awards, and is presented by the Center for Climate and Energy 优发国际官网 (C2ES) and The Climate Registry.

Climate Leadership Awards

The is a national awards program that recognizes and incentivizes exemplary corporate, organizational, and individual leadership in response to climate change.

优发国际官网By showcasing and recognizing voluntary action on climate and energy, co-sponsors C2ES and TCR are sending a strong signal that innovative and sustainable leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing resilience are critical to addressing climate change.

Since 2012, more than 170 recipients have been recognized for leadership in addressing climate change by reducing carbon emissions in their internal operations and throughout the supply chain, and implementing adaptation planning initiatives.

优发国际官网The Climate Leadership Awards Dinner takes place during the annual Climate Leadership Conference.

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